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Wrecks from the Highway

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The Z28's "Wrecks From The Highway"

"Nitro Fueld Rawk that defies pigeon holing." reviewed by Alan Wright

and My vote for BEST CD COVER, And a Treatise on 'Charisma': A teency tincy, absolutely minutely miniscule percentage of the human population have that magickal element we call 'charisma'... It's a natural thing. It can't be learned and it can't be taught.  It is or it isn't.  Sadly, a huge, monstrous, dull, thudding, plodding part of the population simply don't have it. That's a natural absence. If you have charisma, you probably can't be taught 'not to' have it. But, to my constant surprise,  there are A LOT of bands out there; a lot of 'artists' who have the gall to take to a stage, who, apparently, have managed, against all odds, to be TAUGHT how NOT TO HAVE any CHARISMA!!!   Sure, ok, some have nice songs and some don't, but one thing MOST of them REALLY DO NOT HAVE the smallest, most necessary 'teenciest' modicum of is... 'charisma'. So it doesn't matter how many fucking nice songs they write, unless they want someone else who actually HAS charisma to perform them... and voila... the hidden songwriter behind so many charismatic artists. but this is about the Z28's.

I've seen them playing LIVE about 3 or 4 times and they are BURSTING with CHARISMA.. their jeans are BULGING with it. Their attitude is SCREAMING with it. Their stagecraft is HONED with it. They're a charismatic little package alright and as I've said elsewhere, I'm sure Buzzin' Rockin' Rick Buzzin' Licks (the guitarist who BUZZES on stage) would probably be as lively in bed as he is under the lights. (They also dress and photograph really cool too.)

Now to the album. Wrecks From The Highway has been a major surprise. On stage I haven't got a clue what Skini Mark Tyne is ranting about, shouting about.. chucking cue cards, pointing fingers and posturing about, but on the album we get to the point: UFO's, The FBI, covert government operations.. all that bad-ass Black Ops Area 51 stuff is the meat, underpinning the scorching rockabilly guitars and bass while classic hot girls straddle the backseats of classic hot cars. You could be fooled into thinking this was just more noisy shite from guys who like to pose and posture and do it probably better than any other band in the surrounds, but when you dig down ... they're talkin' 'bout caverns in the Nevada desert 5 miles deep, where you and I will NOT be invited to take tea with George and his cronies on the Last Day. The silent helicopters, the mysterious piles of mountain goats and farmers cattle; their body parts perfectly lasered away in the endless mystery of new weapons, new technologies (alien borrowed?) and new psych-ops designs for controlling the population. The track "Lights in the Sky" an homage to the clandestine perestroika between US Gov earthlings and our alien ancestors/gene relations/visitors/friends. There's so much more in the lyrics and, once again, the cover is 'to die for.'

While the sun bakes it's way mercilessly deep into the Nevada desert... at the point where the horizon meets the sky... the driver of a 1960's Camaro is throwing back a bottle of Jack, listening to the Z28's and pushin' the pedal to the metal as he white-lines off into infinity.

Record Label: JSNTGM (Just Say No To Government Music) http://www.jsntgm.com

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